Due to its great segmentation capacity, low cost per clicks and having millions of users, Facebook continues to be an essential social network for all companies that want to connect with their audience.

It does not matter if your objective is the promotion of a physical product or a service, if you want to create branding, generate leads or achieve direct sales … On Facebook you will find the perfect campaign for you, since it has a wide range of advertising formats that will allow you Reach your audience with the perfect ad to get good results.

Images, videos, stories, Messenger, sequence … Here we show you the different Types of Facebook ad formats. With them, you can design attractive campaigns for your audience segments and achieve your goals on social networks.


1. Video

The great power of videos is that they use images, sound and movement to tell stories and show the characteristics of products and services. This advertising format draws much attention from users, making messages more likely to be remembered and quickly become viral content.

In Facebook Ads you have a wide variety of options to create your promotional videos. From short videos that are shown in the news section and can be seen anywhere, to longer ones.

Try creating videos of different sizes and styles to detect which ones achieve more interaction and better results for your audience.

Facebook Ads with videos

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2. Image

Photo ads offer a simple and clear format that includes attractive images and text. They convey who you are and what you do through high-quality images or illustrations.

Facebook ads are often shown in the news section, alongside posts from family and friends. Therefore, it is recommended that the image show people using the products. This will give the feeling that they are naturally integrated into the social network, and are not perceived as spam.

Facebook has found that images that contain less than 20% text work better, so it does not allow the promotion of content that exceeds this amount. This is relevant and we must take it into account when choosing the aspects to highlight in the image.

The drawback of this format is that you only have this element to attract the user’s attention. Hence the importance of directing the user’s attention to the main element of the image. If you have multiple images with different elements, you can use video or sequence ads. Also, remember that you should always use your own photos or royalty-free images.

Facebook Ads with photos

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3. Stories

Stories have become users’ favorite content. Its vertical, full-screen format makes content comfortable and easy to view. The fact of having the entire mobile screen to capture the user’s attention is also an opportunity for brands.

The stories have great visibility when you are at the start of Facebook, and they will appear while we browse the stories of our contacts. And if, in addition to this, we design them creatively, our promotions can be very effective.

It is a very customizable format, which has a multitude of filters, labels and elements to use. What are you waiting for to reach your target audience through their favorite content?

Facebook ads stories

Stories guarantee a customizable full-screen experience. Image from .

4. Messenger

Through messenger ads we can encourage users to start a conversation with our company, or promote a product and send them to our website.

The announcements will appear to the users that fit with the previous segmentation that we have made. To do this, you can use the same content that you are already using on Facebook and Instagram.

When the user interacts with the ad, they will be directed to an enlarged view within Messenger with the call to action that we have previously defined. For example, visit our website, our application, or you will start a conversation on Messenger.

Facebook ads mensenger

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5. Sequence

The sequence format is perfect for displaying more information or products in a single ad. Facebook allows you to display up to ten images or videos, each with its own link.

This advertising format gives a lot of play, since it has a large creative space. So you can highlight different qualities of a single product, service or promotion, show several products from the same company or even tell a story about your brand.

You can let Facebook optimize the order of the images in the sequence based on the performance of each image or choose the one that best suits the message you want to convey.

This is the perfect format for both online stores that want to promote their latest products or news, and to promote services in general.

Facebook Ads Sequence

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6. Presentation

Ads with Facebook presentation are very similar to ads with video, in that they use movement, sound and text to tell a story in an engaging way. It is a recommended option when we do not have the budget or resources to create a video.

This advertising format has a high loading speed, so it is not necessary for the user to have a good connection to view it.

Facebook Ads presentation

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7. Collection

Collectible ads are a very eye-catching ad format, as they combine video with multiple creatives. In first position is the video or a large main image, and four smaller images are displayed below in a grid layout.

When users interact with any of your images or video, they are automatically directed to the destination landing you have selected based on the configured goal (visit, conversion).

Facebook Ads Collection

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8. Ads with interactive demo

Ads with interactive demo allow you to test an application before purchasing or downloading it. The ad starts with a video to attract users with a high purchase intention and then they are given the chance to play a demo game or interact with the app. The campaign ends with a powerful call to action.

Facebook Ads games

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To develop this type of ads we need:

1 An introductory video

Ads with interactive demo begin with a short demo video that ends with a game controller overlay to indicate to the user that they can interact with the ad.

2 Game show

When the user interacts with the ad, they can try a short demo of the game in full screen without having to install anything.

3 Call to action

As it could not be otherwise, the announcement ends with a call to action to encourage the download of the application from the App Store or Google Play Store.

9. Instant experience

Previously called canvas, instant experiences have a high loading speed and are optimized for mobile devices. Its design is designed to capture the user’s full attention, reducing the points of leakage or distraction. In these designs, the audience can watch videos and photos, or even scroll upwards as if it were a landing page.

This is a perfect format to create a personalized and unique experience. Facebook has templates and formats adapted to any objective, such as attracting new customers , publicizing our brand, promoting products or services, getting leads through a form …

Instant Facebook experience ads

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Facebook Ads puts at our disposal a large arsenal of advertising formats to impact our audience. Whatever type of ad you choose for your campaign, we recommend that you create different versions and test which one works best for you. By doing this, you will be able to optimize your campaign and better results at the lowest cost.

Also, we must not forget that the result of a good campaign does not only depend on the type of ad and your creativity. Knowing how to reach the right audience with good segmentation will not only save us headaches, but it will also improve campaign performance. If you want to hire the reliable Facebook ad agency to run your ads, you can contact us. Pro Brand Zone is one of the finest Digital Marketing Agencies online. Contact Us and we would love to help you with your digital marketing needs.

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