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As per statistics, Marketers who blog generate 67% more leads than those that do not. (InsideView)When it comes to blog, Keep in mind ‘It’s either quality or nothing’. Not to mention, that’s the nature of today’s content marketing, and it’s the expectation we bring to every piece of blog article that we produce for our clients. We write blogs that tell stories and increase search engine exposure.

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To write the persuasive and entertaining blog, one has to be a Google-savvy writer having a steady flow of regular writing. Keeping the primary keywords in mind and crafting premium quality SEO friendly blog article is inevitably the best way to rank and maintain high rankings on Google. Not to mention, blog writing is a time-taking task that requires writing expertise alongside enough SEO knowledge. The most effective blogs contain eye-catching headlines, address problems, answer questions, and include creative content writing.

Our Approach

Being one of the largest content marketing agencies, Pro Brand Zone has developed an expert model of in-house content creation & blog writing services built on creative storytellers, proprietary software and hard metrics. If it doesn’t serve a purpose, we don’t write it.

Our typical blog post starts with data. We don’t produce content without doing complete research. Through competitive analyses and industry trends, we review what is currently performing and what has historically shown sustained results. We primarily uncover searcher intent and then collaborate with your team of business experts to scope out the topics that need to be written at that moment.

Once we are done with our strategic part, we formulate campaigns centered on your themes, marketing goals and target audience. Our priority is to get the right eyes on the right content at the right time. In other words, it’s not content writing; it’s content excellence.

Content Mapping to Your Commercial Goals

What exactly are blog articles supposed to do? These are top-of-funnel assets intended to capture website traffic, define brand and address customer pain points. It’s quite simple! Prospects have questions and blogs have answers. 

A website blog and it’s distribution strategy is supposed to serve as the entry point to the company’s sales funnel, and that’s why Pro Brand Zone has designed the creation process around mapping every asset to your commercial goals. In short, there’s a dollar amount attached to every blog post, and we aim to prove it. 

Our content writers utilize authentic tools like SEMrush, BuzzSumo, Moz, Google Analytics, MarketMuse and other proprietary SEO frameworks to lay the foundation upon which to write. We know the industry, latest trends, hottest topics, top performing keywords, target audiences, experts and perspectives before we put pen to paper. Pro Brand Zone is the right place when it comes to hiring professional blog writers.

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