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8 Benefits of Optimizing your Website with Pro SEO Services

That the trajectory of companies and their sales are increasingly directed towards a digital environment is a fact that no one disputes anymore. More than 70% of purchases start with an internet search, so appearing in the first results is increasingly important for brands, regardless of their size or volume of business.

To appear on the first page of Google naturally (that is, without resorting to Google Adwords / Ads), a series of actions must be performed both on and off the page. This set of actions and techniques is what is called SEO .

Specifically SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Optimization , encompassing the different techniques necessary to optimize a website and all actions and strategies external to it to achieve the best possible positioning within search engines.

Below we will explain what are the main benefits of SEO so that you understand why it is necessary to invest in it.

Benefits and advantages of SEO

  1. The investment is fixed . At the SEO level, the agencies work with a monthly feed, charging you to perform the service and meet the established objectives. On the other hand, if you decide to invest in advertising in Google (Google Adwords / Ads) the investment will depend on the campaign, the criteria, objectives, competition … at that time. By investing in SEO you know what you pay each month and for what purpose you are paying it.
  2. Attract qualified traffic to your website. That is, potential clients. A good SEO strategy manages in the medium term to multiply the number of contact forms, calls or actions within your web page, being carried out by true potential clients. Thus your site becomes one more real sales channel, deriving the closing of the same to your commercial department.
  3. The profitability of doing SEO is high. This means that not only do you recoup the investment but you also get broad benefits. Doing SEO positioning attracts new clients, being this a channel much cheaper than other more conventional ones.
  4. If you don’t appear, you don’t exist. It seems logical but many companies do not understand it yet. More than 70% of purchases start on Google, so if you do not appear as a purchase option for your client, you stop being part of the possibility of purchase within their perception. It is also important to position yourself with your most profitable criteria within the first 3 positions of Google as they are the ones with the highest qualified traffic. More than 90% of clicks stay on the first page of results
    It is more durable than advertising. When you pay to appear in a search engine, when your budget runs out, your presence also ends. On the other hand, if you perform SEO even if you stop doing it for some reason, the work does not disappear quickly but remains in time. Obviously it will not be forever, and will depend on what your competition is doing as well as the changes in the algorithm of the search engine itself.
  5. Create brand image . SEO builds trust, security and brand towards your potential clients. Appearing on Google gives the feeling of importance and solidity, two fundamental characteristics for online shopping. It also helps brand memory by behaving like another advertising medium.
    It is also good for social networks. Having traffic on your website (qualified) will also lead to your social networks, where your job will be to retain that customer. The more optimized all online channels and media are, the better the communication and loyalty with your customers will be, so the greater your benefits will be.
  6. Users click more on organic results than sponsored results, although a combined SEO and SEM strategy is much more effective.
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