digital marketing tools to grow your business

Why is digital marketing an excellent tool to grow your business?

Currently the digital world is growing by leaps and bounds, we are entering a stage where innovation is a fundamental part of companies because if you do not do it, your company, far from growing, will stagnate. 
For many companies today it is necessary to adapt to new technologies as it is an excellent opportunity to attract new customers, new business opportunities and above all, that our brand is recognized.
The searches are currently carried out online if you want to know about a product or service, you make a query in a search engine and this returns many results on what you are looking for. That is why it is very important to create your digital marketing channels that will reach all those potential customers.

Focus on the main objectives

For the marketing team it is important that you have well-established objectives of what are the goals you want to achieve and what means are used to achieve them.
These objectives must start from the marketing strategies from which type of content is going to be published, what will be our target audience, which digital media channels will be used, that is, which ones are best for the company according to the type of product or service. offered by either instagram, facebook. Another important objective that must be considered is how to obtain a good positioning in the web search engines as well as a good optimization of the investment to have a good ROI.

It includes objectives (TOFU) (MOFU) (BOFU) explained below:

TOFU: If your goal is to increase traffic to your website , use strategies that help you drive more traffic like blogging, search engine optimization as well as a good social media strategy.
MOFU: Blogs can be effective in bringing visitors to your website , but not in closing a customer or qualifying a prospect. So a good strategy is to create seminars or webinars that help you turn those visits into sales opportunities.
BOFU: When the sales opportunity is already at the top, that is, you are ready to buy the product or service. This is when marketers come in to take care of adding pipeline opportunities by creating sales lead tracking strategies through success stories or email marketing.

Set SMART goals

Develop measurable goals that allow you to make changes and review strategy on the go. These measurable goals help us establish effectiveness and create process improvements .

  • Specific: (specific): Set numbers with actual delivery deadline
  • Measurable : Monitor your goals
  • Attainable : Work to achieve goals that are difficult, but not impossible, for you.
  • Realistic  : Be completely honest, and set goals that are really achievable as well as those that are completely out of reach.
  • Time-bound : Set a specific delivery time.

Establish digital marketing strategies that help you position the business quickly as well as attract customers and sales opportunities. So here we leave you the strategies:

5 digital marketing strategies for your business

Social media marketing (social networks)

It is very important to take advantage of the advantages offered by social networks since they have a wide reach and will help us offer a great experience to our client.It is very important that you segment your buyer person so that you identify what content you are going to show them on what channel if it is Facebook or Instagram and what tone of publication you will use if it is for sale, advice, brand value, etc.

Have a website and blog

It is very important that you have a website for your company as this will help us provide you with better customer service where you can find our products and all the information you need so that you can make your purchase either online or physically in store.

Your website is very important that it has all the seo part, that is, it is responsive for any device or tablet, that it is easy to navigate the site, as well as having your own blog that has relevant content and is of value to people who visit it

Digital content strategy

It is very important that in your content strategy you have publications such as important notes, tips, images with design, articles, infographics as well as informative videos.
In this way you will offer very attractive content to the public and that will capture their attention in such a way that you will get more followers and therefore potential customers.

Email marketing campaigns

We can use it as an information or sales channel, and it is a very good tool since here the main protagonist is the client.
The importance of email marketing has several advantages:

  • Send emails in bulk
  • Communicate quickly and effectively
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Increase traffic to your website

Customize your landing pages

Occasionally, general offers are created that may or may not be attractive to everyone.
That is why it is better to create different landing pages according to buyer persona that focus on a specific audience and that meet a particular objective.

Advantages of digital marketing:

Marketing campaigns on web pages or social networks are usually less expensive than traditional advertising.Campaign results can be measured in real time.Enhances the presence of the brand on the Internet.It generates a direct dialogue with clients to keep abreast of their preferences and needs.With interesting content, new customers are captured and those who already know the brand are loyal.

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