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Words are the key to compete on the Internet. Pro Brand Zone can help you choose the right ones to attract , convince and sell in your online business. Do you need a professional content writing services, be it memoirs, the history of a company, the life of a public figure or the anniversary of a corporation? At Pro Brand Zone, we have writers with a reputable literary career ready to put themselves in your hands and start writing your life story or whatever you need. Whether through interviews, documentary research, content tracking or delivered notes, we organize the work and find a narrative voice for each need. We take care of the entire process , from editing content or interviews to rewriting notes already made in order to find a perfectly written and corrected text. If you want an editor to deal with your content, regardless of the format it is, fill out the form and let us know.

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We Know Your Situation …

  1. You do not get your project (blog, website or online store) to resonate in the head of your potential client because you sound like the rest and your message does not connect.
  2. You have invested a lot of budget to have a website with a beautiful design but you forgot to generate visibility through SEO content and persuade the purchase with your texts.
  3. Sales dropper or even stagnate. You think your project has not just taken off.
  4. You post without any strategy. The visits pass by and you are not able to convert them into a client or subscribers.
  5. You invest all your day in managing your business and serving customers. You lack time to write the contents of your project (posts, newsletters, e-books, …).
  6. You do not know how to work the texts of your website, blog or eCommerce or how to optimize them to comply with SEO standards and position yourself. Your website is invisible to Google.

Importance Of Content For Your Website

You have the perfect product or service, a target audience that is waiting for you and a platform to make it known. What do you need to succeed? Probably one of the most important aspects of any project, which goes unnoticed when it is good, but nevertheless has devastating effects when it does not work: content. The art of copywriting (as the content is known in Marketinian slang) is due to a balance that makes it a little more special and complicated than it may seem at first glance. The author or copywriter must find the perfect formula among contents that: 

  • Get the user’s attention to get that click or that purchase (without falling into the gross clickbait)
  • Have a semantic and SEO sense so that the search robots also understand them
  • Catch the user with a relevant story , with precise words and the right emotion, avoiding filling
  • Maintain a proper tone and brand image and in line with what the product or service needs

If you don’t have anyone on your team who can develop your content, at Exploitation Web you will find a team made up of experienced journalists and copywriters , who will help you find the exact words that your project needs.

Copywriting For Social Networks, Mailings And Ads

An adequate claim is the basic pillar for your campaigns in social networks, mailing and Ads. Now you can put all the money you have at your fingertips to appear to everyone or to always be in the first positions of search for payment, that if your copy or text fails … you will not get a click! Therefore, for these services it is super important to have a powerful copy that synthesizes your idea and that captures the user’s attention.

Content Writing For Webs & Blogs

The cornerstone of SEO content! We carry out Keyword Research (keyword search) to know what words your clients are looking for, we propose a content strategy taking into account the architecture of the web to achieve that organic positioning for more and more concepts, and we develop precise texts with all SEO techniques within our reach and without neglecting emotionality , readability , natural language , spelling and grammar …

SEO Content Writing For Online Stores

Online stores have two quite important semantic additions to their web architecture: products and categories . Therefore, it is very important to take them into account when developing the texts that will accompany them. Including the descriptive text that the distributor defaults to is no longer enough … to process it to get the necessary information transmitted with powerful copies to your client, that is the important thing.

Content Marketing: SEO Content Writing

SEO content writing was long one of the main pillars of on-page SEO. Copywriters tried to put as many keywords in their texts as possible, leaving aside any semantic and even orthographic meaning, and producing very unattractive texts that did rank … but did not provide any value to the user. With different updates to Google robots and increasingly developed artificial intelligence, this robot is able to understand natural language better than ever. 

That’s why lately SEO content is said to be out of date – but nothing further from reality. What is undoubtedly outdated is the robotic content, repeating the different keywords 15 times and putting padding to reach a minimum of written words without providing any value. But the truth is that content is still one of the pillars of SEO and your website. To hire professional content writers, contact us through WhatsApp – Check out .

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