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On the Internet, nothing is what it seems. The tables turn so fast that one day you are on the crest of the wave and the next you have disappeared. For a few years now, those of us in this sector have worked hard to improve the positioning of corporate websites, we have opted for SEO or SEM strategies, depending on customer needs, and we have generated valuable content for the user. Contents that have become one of the keys to earn points in the exam that Google submits us from time to time. Despite everything, sometimes it is necessary to go one step further and hire an SEO consultancy.

Everything changes, especially the Google algorithm. When we have become accustomed to a work methodology, we must change it quickly so as not to lose positions and continue climbing to gain visibility. At this point, no one doubts the need to appear on the first page of Internet search engines. It is the place where we go hungry for information on a regular basis and where we look for products and services when we need something specific.

The goal to beat in any company is the  conversions  , whether through SEO or SEM, getting new sales and new customers. The importance of SEO is not lost on anyone, the problem is that many consider it to be something very simple that anyone can do. The truth is that it is necessary to have a professional, an  SEO consultant  will be the most suitable person to gain the necessary visibility and increase conversions.

What is an SEO consultant?

HD SEO Consultant

It is the person who has the experience and knowledge necessary to work on your website and position it in the top positions in the Google search engine. This visibility will allow you to reach a larger audience, where your  potential customers will be . Among the basic tasks of an SEO consultancy we can highlight the following:

  1. Design and programming of web pages (usability and optimization)
  2. Development of online marketing strategies.
  3. Content optimization.
  4. Analysis and monitoring of results.

Surely you have already guessed that one of the first tasks of an SEO consultant will be the execution of an audit of your website. A task that allows you to establish what are the strengths and weaknesses of the site, combating the latter.

Basic tasks performed by an SEO consultant

Look for penalties

At the rate at which Google’s algorithm evolves, a useful practice a few years ago may carry penalties today. Therefore, this is one of the main tasks for an SEO consultant, because no matter how good your strategy is and many actions you take, if your website has a penalty it will not rank. Having this information is essential to correct and eliminate the error that caused the penalty.

Web audit

Knowing the state of the page is the best way to set the starting point. From this scenario, a strategy can be designed to continue improving organic positioning. Obviously, the work will not be the same for a website with a low domain as for another that has been done with some authority. This action requires exhaustive work, reviewing content, optimizations, products, descriptions, etc. In short, look for any issue that is subject to improvement.

SEO optimization on page

Once web errors have been detected, it is time to apply solutions for the errors we have located. The optimization of the web is a fundamental question to improve your organic positioning. At this point we work on issues such as: improving the page loading speed, adapting the product and service sheets, optimizing the contents, optimizing the web code, optimizing titles, images, labels, metatags …

Study Keywords

One of the basic keys of an  SEO strategy  is the study of keywords. This task allows us to work on terms that generally define the business and that users often search the Internet for. To carry out this study, the SEO consultant will use professional tools that are not affordable at the user level.

Analyze the competition

The tools we use at Pro Brand Zone, allow us to carry out an exhaustive analysis of the competition, assessing how its positioning in Google has been. The first will be to detect those companies that are in direct competition and then analyze what keywords they are using, how it is working for them and what SEO strategy they are carrying out.


Last but not least, it is necessary to analyze and monitor to know for sure what is working for us and what actions do not report the expected results. Only then can we correct the course and take you to the top of the ranking.

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