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How to improve the SEO of the product sheets of your online store?

The product sheets must be optimized for SEO if you want to position them. It is very important that you work seriously, as these types of pages are very important; They are aimed at customers who have already shown interest in a specific product and are close to buying it.

How can we improve the SEO of the product sheets of an online store? How do you have to work on-page SEO so that your product pages can be positioned? Here are some tips.

Tips to improve the SEO of the product sheets

product sheets for online stores

You have to be very clear that SEO is not just using certain keywords: you have to think about Google and the user. Especially in the user.

1. Improving the technical SEO of your pages

Therefore, in addition to improving the content of the product sheets, you should pay attention to other aspects of your online store such as:

  • User experience
  • Usability
  • Design quality
  • Loading speed

If you already have these clear aspects, then let’s focus on the contents. If you think that these elements do not work very well in your online store, then you may be interested in our web development services.

2. Keys to improve the content of your product sheets

If we get fully into the content of the product sheets, there are a number of aspects that we would take into account when optimizing a product description for SEO.

It is important that a lot of information appears, as much content as possible about the product. But this one does not have to appear crowded in paragraphs, it must be very schematic.

That is why in this type of pages it is usually very good to enter tabs that show or hide the content you want to see.

That said, we would put:

  • A short description
  • A long description
  • A series of technical details of the product, schematically

If the technical details are very extensive, they can be separated into different tabs. For example, a tab with information on who this product is for, or for whom it is recommended.

This is very useful because your audience will not always be clear if a product is for them. You have to understand that not everyone has the same degree of knowledge about your product as you, that’s why the product file is so important because it is like the conversation before buying.

Be very clear that people are not going to waste time reading product descriptions with cumbersome and endless texts. It must be schematic, get to the point and focus on what adds value to the customer.

That is, why has the client arrived here? Beyond the technical details of a product, the description should focus on how the product solves your customer’s problem. You should focus on all the possible problems that this product can solve, how it does it and why this product is different from others.

Then there is the topic of keywords:

  • You can research them with tools like Seolyze to see what keywords other competing online stores are using and their percentages.
  • Ideally, you write an engaging, user-focused text. It does not have to be a sum of keywords, nor an automatically created paragraph.

How can it affect your SEO if you have good product sheets?

Imagine that you have 500 or 1000 products in your store. What would happen if you decide to improve the SEO of each and every one of them, creating original product sheets, with related keywords and aimed at positioning yourself at the top of Google?

What would happen is that you would start receiving more traffic to those pages. The people who would arrive would probably be users who are looking for that specific product. The chances of this increasing your conversion if you do it right are very high.

Not only that. It will also increase the number of visitors, because these interior pages or specific products, may have much less competition if it matches a long tail.

Ultimately, you would improve your traffic and probably improve your conversion, focusing on the product pages and not the main page.

Website Ranking for online stores

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