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Top 5 SEO trends you must know In 2020

We come from a year where the news and algorithm updates by Google have played a crucial role in the day to day of SEOs. As we all know, Google updates its algorithm every week, but there are always one or two updates that specially shake the SERPs and become news above the rest. This year, the main updates have taken place in the months of March and June, but we have also been aware of many other developments such as the labeling of the pages is not taken into account by Google or the publication of the code of Robots.txt , with the consequent demystification of techniques such as the use of the “No Index” in this file, new more specific labels for links (UGC and sponsored), etc.

It could be said that all these developments in the SEO sector slightly vary the way of acting in certain situations, but it does not radically change the panorama we are facing in 2020.

Thus, in this article we compile a series of factors that, although they have already begun to work in many sectors, will take on a vital role in 2020 and cannot be forgotten.

What are the SEO trends for 2020?

SEO Trend # 1: Process Automation

It is increasingly common to go to conferences or events where the main theme is SEO and meet with talks and presentations where different possibilities are discussed when automating day-to-day processes. 

We talk about routine processes such as tracking for errors on our websites, monitoring results of all kinds, initial processes of Keyword Research, reporting results, etc.

These processes represent a significant investment of time that, if we are able to save thanks to automation, we could dedicate to better strategic planning or implementation of changes. 

With a little imagination and with the support of a development department for the generation of scripts and functionalities, process automations can be carried out that will make our day to day easier and allow us to use our time in truly important tasks. It is never too late to enter the world of programming!

SEO Trend # 2: Artificial Intelligence applied to SEO

It may be too early to talk about the use of artificial intelligence applied to SEO in general terms, but the truth is that those SEOs most interested in this type of trend are already thinking about how to apply it to improve their results.

It should be noted that Google has already used this type of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques for a few years, specifically since the implementation of Rankbrain in 2015, but now we refer to the application of these by SEOs.

Artificial intelligence could help us optimize certain positioning factors, especially those aimed at guaranteeing an optimal user experience , based on learning based on the history of data that represents user behavior on our site.

SEO Trend # 3: Voice Search

Voice searches have become a classic of this type of article where SEO trends for the next year are collected, but the truth is that they do not finish working as a fundamental aspect in an organic positioning strategy .

To the normalization in the use of virtual assistants such as Android, Cortana or Siri, the arrival of voice assistants for the home has been added. With this irruption, these types of searches have multiplied and are assuming the creation of a new trend in the way of searching for information very different from what we were used to.

Does this boom in voice searches completely change the way of doing SEO ?.

On the one hand, the resolution of the user’s search intention directly becomes vitally important. In addition, if we compare it with the traditional way of performing a search, it significantly expands the ways in which the same answer is searched and further increases the semantic context in which the keyword is included.

So, to work SEO in order to obtain traffic from voice searches, we must quickly and clearly solve the user’s search intention, help us with data markup with Schema or JSON-LD, have content correctly structured and, for local searches, work on Local SEO.

SEO Trend # 4: SEO for JavaScript

It is evidence that traffic from mobile devices has been eating up traffic from computers for years, until it far exceeds it and monopolizes all the attention. For years we have talked about a transition to responsive web designs , improvements in loading speed and optimization of web performance on these types of devices. 

However, we are on the verge of a further step in perfecting the user experience in terms of speed and loading: the new progressive frameworks developed in JS that serve dynamic content, reducing the loading processes that occur when navigate between the different sections of a website.

For Google, it has become a priority to develop rendering systems that allow it to perfectly track and interpret this type of website developed in the JS language, so everything points to the fact that it will not take long to give value to this type of development. 

At the beginning of May, Google announced the update of the rendering engine run by Googlebot, going from using Chrome 41 to doing it with Chrome 74. This update represents an important advance in correctly tracking content and ending the drawbacks of websites developed in JavaScript when positioning them in Google, so 

With this update, official Google sources ensure that bots are capable of rendering content in the same way that browsers do, but they still need to refine these processes. On the other hand, other search engines are still not even able to correctly render these websites, but sooner or later they will be forced to follow the line set by Google, the leading search engine leader in Europe.

So, one of the main trends for SEOs for 2020, will be to catch up with SEO applied to this type of programming languages.

SEO trends for 2020

SEO Trend # 5: Structured Data

Although it has been a factor to consider for a long time, the use of structured data has become essential when it comes to serving information in an organized way for its processing by Google.

In addition, as time passes, Google offers new options when it comes to data marking, so we can consider it as an opportunity for certain sectors or types of websites that could not use it until now. Google offers its own wizard for marking structured data , where we can manually select the elements that we want to mark and we will obtain the HTML code to integrate into our website.

The latest development regarding the marking of structured data has been the inclusion of a new option to mark sections of FAQS or frequently asked questions. This option is clearly aimed at trying to appear in the snippet that Google offers in the SERPs before an informative search with a list of answers to frequently asked questions obtained from the websites themselves.

Obviously, the use of this type of structured data gives us advantages in terms of visibility. Maybe not at ranking levels in the rankings, but when it comes to attracting more attention in search results with featured snippets or rich snippets. In addition, this type of data marking provides information to Google, so it positively values ​​its use.

On the contrary, it could be said that we are “feeding the beast” and it is likely that this will gradually turn against us. The final goal of Google in this regard is to show its own enriched results that solve the user’s search intention without having to leave the SERPs, so we are facing a potential loss of traffic that will grow over time, since that Google doesn’t seem to settle for a small part of informational searches.

Conclusions on SEO trends for 2020

In short, we can bet that these 5 key aspects we are talking about will clearly guide SEO trends for the coming year 2020. In addition, they are clearly related areas, especially between the cases of process automation and the application of artificial intelligence to SEO, as well as between marking content with structured data and voice searches.

And you, what do you think will be the key aspects of SEO in 2020? If you want to hire affordable seo services, you can get in touch with Pro Brand Zone.

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