30 Tips to improve the conversion rate of our website

SEO and campaigns on both Google Ads and social networks have become essential to guarantee a constant volume of sales in our online commerce. Nobody doubts its efficiency: if I bring more clients to my website, I have more possibilities to convert. Yes, totally true, as long as you capture the right audience, but … what if with the same traffic you get a higher number of conversions?

It seems magic, but it is not. To achieve this, we only have to work on the factors that directly affect sales and improve the conversion rates of the web. We have to put ourselves in the shoes of the clients and see what we can do to incentivize them, make things easy for them and make them fall in love with our product or service.

Due to the importance of digital acquisition strategies, we have compiled for you 30 tips to improve the web conversion rate. Without a doubt they will help you transform your visitors into clients and increase the sales ratios of your page , making the most of the traffic you receive. Take note, let’s get started!

How to improve the conversion rate?

1. Appearance and simplicity

Take time to design to reflect your company’s branding and encourage web conversion. A good design transmits the message better, provides coherence between the elements and provides security and professionalism to the clients who access our website. Use clean formats and do not saturate your landing pages with too much information, both in text and image. Find the balance between providing the necessary information without tiring or saturating visitors.

Take advantage of the blank spaces on the landing page to help the user to better understand the content and mark divisions between the information. This will help focus the relevant messages and prevent the user from straying from the path to follow until the desired conversion.

2. Establish content hierarchies

Prioritize the relevant content in the first part of the landing (the one that the user can see without scrolling) and try not to mix concepts. You should see your landing page as a route that should encourage the purchase of your products or services from start to finish.

3. Own and quality content

Our own content will make us differentiate ourselves from the competition and have added value that others do not possess. In addition, it will be positively valued at the SEO level.

When we talk about content we are referring to texts, images, videos or any element that we can include on the web. If you can, use your own photos of your products and not the stock photos of your suppliers, and personalize the descriptions of the products to give differential value to your brand.

4. Highlight calls to action

Calls to action are hot spots that should catch the user’s attention and be read. They can consist of a phrase that encourages purchase or a buy button.

Try to highlight these contents above the rest, using a more striking font and colors that contrast with the rest of the information on the page. Having good calls to action is essential to increase the web conversion rate.

5. Texts designed to sell

With this we do not mean the typical texts of buy now! or last chance! We are talking about emotional texts that make you fall in love with your product, giving it a differential value, warmth, its own personality. That they allude to an experience or sensation, and that they manage to empathize and connect with the users, differentiating ourselves from the competition.

6. Mobile design and web speed

According to Sistrix data, between 60% and 78% of total web traffic in Spain comes from mobile devices, but the conversion rates for this medium are much lower than on desktop devices. This is because we have not made it easy for users to buy on mobile.

Bet on responsive design and check if your purchasing process through these devices is as simple as it should be. You will stop losing sales opportunities, improving the general conversion rates of your website.

7. Testimonies

Another option is to resort to recommendations or testimonials from other users or references in the sector, so that the user has an extra confidence in what we offer.

8. Ratings (especially if they are experts) and stars

We can use the rating stars to rate the products offered and thus provide the user with the possibility of getting an idea of ​​their quality.

how to improve the conversion ratio with stars and ratings

Improve the conversion ratio by implementing stars and user ratings. Image of Markus Spiske on Unsplash.

9. Success stories

Having a portfolio of clients or success stories will mitigate the possible distrust of new users towards our brand or products. These types of resources are very useful when we offer services or visual products, so that the possible client can see results or our work style.

10. Quality seals

Using digital quality stamps is another alternative to help mitigate user doubts. However, for an online business to be able to use certain stamps, it must pass an audit carried out by an external issuing entity.

Among the best known are Confianza Online, for advertising activities and contractual transactions with consumers, Trusted Shops, for European online stores, or Verisign, the international standard for secure payments and the transmission of encrypted data over the internet. We at Pro Brand Zone have the first one: Online Trust.

11. Team

If we are offering the contracting of a service, it is interesting to see the people who are in charge of managing it or with whom you are going to have to deal with in the future. Use clear and funny images of the staff to cause empathy and closeness, so that customers feel like knowing them and agree to put themselves in our hands.

12. Customer service, help chat

Instant messaging has gained visibility in recent years, as giving a quick response to user questions is key to closing a sale. Chat boxes are becoming easier to use, install and program.

An example is found in the Spalopia spa voucher marketplace :

how to increase the conversion rate with web chat

13. Security and payment guarantees

Buying online still generates a bit of a qualm. Therefore, the guarantees both when making the payment and in the return options greatly influence the decision to make or not an online purchase. This is intensified in the case of high-value products.

14. Forms

If the objective of our page is to get a lead, we must optimize the forms. The forms that are visible at the beginning of the landing have higher conversion rates than those that appear only at the end. On the other hand, they must have the basic fields to be able to contact clients or carry out a certain action. It is not recommended to request compromised data or include more than 5 fields, so we must not be ambitious and prioritize the closing of the sale. We will have the opportunity to get more information from our clients at another time.

15. Rescuers

These are automatic pop ups that are shown to the user before they leave our website and encourage them to perform a certain action. They usually offer discounts, special promotions or free subscriptions. Be careful with being very heavy or aggressive with them, since they can make the user leave the web once they appear.

digital marketing conversion strategies

Example taken from the Spalopia website.

16. Lead magnet

A lead magnet is any type of valuable content that we can offer the user for free, in exchange for their contact information. For example, an ebook with the latest tips on web optimization. The objective of this action is to obtain records for our database and subsequently carry out a remarketing or email marketing campaign, segmenting the audience according to their interests.

17. Recommendations

It consists of advising users online to guide them towards the ideal product for them according to their tastes or needs. They are very useful when the user has many purchase options or does not have much knowledge about the product or service. An example of this are Udemy’s best-selling products:

how to increase the conversion rate with recommenders

18. Highlight the urgency

Booking is an expert in this aspect with its messages such as: “There are 9 people looking at this hotel”, “The last reservation was made today”, “Last places!” or “We have 1 room left.”

The objective of these actions is to promote flash sales, persuading the user to close the purchase as soon as possible.

19. Texts that reduce fear

It consists of reinforcing, by means of messages, the idea that the product you are going to buy is a good choice, or the best choice for the needs of the users, thus encouraging sales. We can emphasize the additional benefits of both the product and the purchasing process.

digital marketing conversion strategies

Persuasive texts and fear reducers are two of Booking’s main conversion strategies.

20. Ease of search

Facilitates the task of finding your products for potential customers with a good content categorization and an internal search engine, especially if you have a wide catalog of products. The search engine must always be visible in the navigation menu and offer the appropriate search filter.

21. Videos and 3D visualizations for complex products

If a photo is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand photos. Therefore, do not hesitate to offer videos and 3D visualizations of complex or industrial products.

22. Easy purchasing processes

It reduces steps of the check out process as much as possible to make it as comfortable, easy and fast as possible. Use concise texts and simple processes where the user knows at all times what to do. Eliminate all possible barriers, such as having to register to make a purchase.

23. Gives visibility to the cart

The shopping cart should always be visible and easy to modify. Before the customer completes the purchase, it is essential that they can check how many products they have, their price and how many units they have selected.

24. Cross selling and up selling

Cross selling or cross selling consists of increasing the purchases of complementary products to which the users are interested, thereby increasing the average ticket. On the other hand, upselling aims for the customer to purchase more expensive items, updates or accessories for the product they want to buy.
Implement these resources by offering related products on landing pages and measure their effectiveness.

25. Social proof

They are mainly used on fashion websites, where consumers become true influencers of the brand, uploading photos using the products for other users to see. This in turn builds trust among other users and gives you usage ideas. It is also a cross selling mechanism. A good example of this technique is found in the Pimkie clothing store .

26. Subscription discounts for the first purchase

These types of initiatives help neutralize the fear of making the first purchase. In addition, it will help us to obtain data from potential clients to carry out email marketing or remarketing campaigns afterwards.

27. Has several payment methods

Payment by card, PayPal, bank transfer … The more options the user has, the more chances there are that they will end up buying.

28. Simplify to the maximum the structure and architecture of your online store

The information architecture of the web must be clear so that the user does not get lost, and quickly and easily find the pages he is looking for. Breadcrumbs or breadcrumbs are very useful in this regard, since they inform the user of the page they are on, being able to quickly access previous landing pages. It also improves the internal linking of the web.

29. Speed

According to one of the latest Doubleclick studies, 53% of users leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. It also constitutes one of the most important positioning factors today.

30. Test with Google Website Optimizer

It is a fantastic tool to test the effectiveness of making changes and variations on the web. Whatever change you want to implement on your page (image, text, button color, implement quality stamps …) you can measure it in terms of efficiency, and thus optimize each of your landing as much as possible.

What are you waiting for to increase the sales of your business? Put yourself in the shoes of your customers and start making the most of your website. Analyze which of these 30 actions makes sense to implement on your website based on your objectives and type of pages, and do tests to achieve the best results every day.

If you need help or advice in the work of optimizing the conversion of your website or in your digital conversion strategy, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you take off your business.

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